In general, the month of January is synonymous for new resolutions, such as, quitting smoking, doing more sports, losing weight, learning another language, and many more, but experience has shown me that, in most cases sooner than later, we give up because the new year resolution was really just a “good intention”. This usually ends up with feelings of frustration or failure with its consequences.

To achieve these resolutions, habit is a key tool to install new desired behaviors and is achieved through a series of actions. In the first place, repetition is key, since in this way it strengthens the creation of it. Another important factor is frequency, because if it expands in time, it weakens. On the other hand, it must be a conscious action, and above all with a desire to get something in return, which creates a feeling of accomplishment.

Here are some questions that may serve as a reflection: The first question to ask as a starting point is: “Am I satisfied with the situation in question?” And if the answer is negative, the next question is “do I want to change”? If the answer is no, the new resolution is over. However, if the answer is yes, the next question is, “do I know how to do it?” If so, it is as simple as Nike’s motto – “Just do it”, taking into account the factors mentioned above: repetition, frequency, conscientious, desire and a feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand, if the answer was negative, it´s time to find someone to accompany you in the process. 

One day or one day. You decide!