All you need is love?

Some people criticize Valentine’s Day, because they consider it a marketing technique to sell more and encourage consumerism and it is true that the sales of flowers, chocolates and cards shoot up on this day. Bearing that in mind, I ask myself, what´s wrong with that, if it is to show love?

It is true that I have always been and continue to be a romantic and for me, any excuse is good to share my love with my loved ones. It is also true that I am looking more and more at simplifying, trying to escape from materialism, because I have realized that words and actions are much more important, in terms of emotions and feelings. So, this year, thanks to Valentine’s Day, I chose to write an individual letter to each of my children and my husband, thanking them and telling them why I love them. Each one received it in their own way and that´s ok, because in reality the exercise was for me too. Thanks to this exercise, I reflected on each one of them and what they teach me and for this I am eternally grateful, because as Mahatma Gandhi said: Where there is love, there is life and to me, my family is everything. So, are you willing to take up pen and paper and write that letter to your partner, son, father, mother? You don’t have to wait until February 14th… One day or one day, you decide.