One virtue I highly respect and admire in others is honesty. The reason is because behind an honest person is someone who is brave and courageous, as well as showing that they take responsibility for their actions. And that´s not always easy.

We have all told a lie or two at some stage in our lives (After all we are human!). However, I´m sure we all remember the lesson learned as a result… The problem arises when we are dishonest on a regular basis, fooling ourselves that it´s the easy way out. Well, just for the record, while it may get you out of a sticky situation in the short term, in the long run however, it´s not worth it. Dishonesty creates a false persona, leads to complexity (because you have to start covering up each previous lie and the situation will eventually get out of hand) and it also ruins your reputation. Who doesn´t remember the story of the shepherd who cried wolf?!

So just as a reminder, I´ve made a short checklist that serves as a reflection to ensure we live in harmony with ourselves and others:

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Make promises you can keep
  • Tell the truth tactfully
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Refuse to lie, cheat or steal
  • Being true to yourself and do what you know is right

If you are honest, you are in fact free, as you have nothing to hide, and as a result, by being honest you will inevitably be happier. So next time when you think a white lie is the easier option, stop and reflect because you are deceiving yourself.

One day, or day one, you decide!